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Voronoi Tessellation

let me introduce my Voronoi Chair (I) !,

Voronoi chair

You may think that I have used some special program or script. But this is simply result of combining a few modifiers on top of a NURBS geometry in 3ds MAX.  

Here is the Voronoi tessellation diagram using 3ds max modifiers. this approach is fully parametric and you can control the final result in any aspect. Just go through the stack and make your setting.

Voronoi Tessellation Diagram

Note: To keep the interactivity with geometry you need to use EditPoly modifier in animate mode!

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Parametric Array & L-System

Did you know that you can produce L-systems with parametric array!

Here is some experience with parametric array of a single line. I have used getItem function to access the parent node using the method below.

getItem index:[1+int((index1-2)/4),1,1]

Denominator (4) defines the number of branches per node. the script above returns the parent of the current object in L-system. Using this trick, you can adjust the start point of the line according to the end point of its parent. Of course the end point is just a transformation of the start point which defines the production rule of L-System. In new version of parametric array this will come as new controller and much more easy to implement on any type of object.

L-Systems in Parametric Array

Users can ask for sample scene!

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Parametric Array, License Activation

In order to activate your license,please check the following URL:

Thank you!

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