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Introducing the Mix controller

Array on two curves
This video demonstrates use of MIX Controller in order to mix the effect of two independent curve controllers. Each of curve controllers is set to control the position of the box along a unique shape in two different dimensions. Incorporating both in one Mix controller approximate a surface which is result of translating one of the curves along the other one.
Mix controller settings

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August 22, 2011 at 1:16 am Comments (4)

Parametric array 2.1 has been released.

Bugs fixed:
  • Automatic garbage collection improved. This version is more stable on all versions of 3DS MAX
  • Nurbs selection in Surface controller.
  • Surface controller now return Utangent and Vtangent value of editable polys
  • Error in displaying Transform controller settings is fixed.
  • License control system improved.
  • Replacing the array members with a new object is possible via PICK OBJECT button from modify panel. PARA will search for possible transformation to apply on new object.
  • Multiple Variable Override controllers can be used inside one controller.
  • Magnet controller allows use of vector controller instead of magnet object.
  • Convert controller error fixed.
New items:
  • New Deform controller has been added to library.
  • Custom pattern tool has been added to SubObject controller.
  • Curve controller can now return the closest point of array to the curve
  • Property search box is added to the main interface.
  • Deselect button is added to the main interface.
  • A parametric array Layer is automatically being created to hold all the array nodes.
  • Random controller is now available for being used inside a condition controller. This controller can generate Boolean values randomly based on a percentage (chance value).
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