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Parametric truss

Parametric truss

Level: Advanced
In This Video:

  • Array between two spline using script controller.
  • Use conditional statements to change the index value.
  • Reference: curve controller function takes the following arguments:
    curve: object name –The name of object in 3ds Max
    dim: 1,2 or 3 — set the controller on specific dimension.
    feedback:transform/position/rotation –function returns transform matrix, position in point3 value and rotation in EulerAngles value
    localOffset: offset value — offset the index value and shifts item along the path.
    endOffset: offset value — move all items away from the last point of the path.
    startOffset: offset value — move all items away from the first point of the path
    mode : 1 or 2 — set the controller in absolute mode (1) or relative (2)
    order: 1 to 9 — choose the order of rotation (items in drop down menu) works only when feedback is set to rotation

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    Array on multiple surfaces of one NURBS geometry

    Array between two surface

    Level: Advanced
    In This Video:

  • Making a series of parametric trusses using NURBS surfaces and 2D shapes .
  • Getting access to all surfaces inside a NURBS geometry by using surface index number.
  • How to fix local offsets in surface controller.
  • Use set property spinner to change the selected properties.
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