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Para 3d 2.8 released!

New Features:

  • PARA 3D is compatible with 3ds MAX 2013
  • PARA shape (BETA) has been added to PARA 3d. When no object selected click on Para 3d button and it creates Para shapes. Para shapes allow users to create parametric shapes by implementing Para 3d controller on vertices and Bezier handles of a shape object.
  • Controllers show error sign in filter mode. With this new feature user can easily find the problematic controller among all the controllers inside array.
  • A message box shows up in case of error displays all the problematic controllers and possible solutions to resolve the problem.
  • controller list expand automatically when filter mode is active.
  • A “Save as” function has been added to controller library.You can simply save all controllers from the scene to another MAX file from controller library.
  • Override array corners in Linear Controller. Linear controller takes the corner objects as input for linear interpolation, with new override option you can create linear interpolation of other controller’s output.
  • Override Position in Magnet controller. Magnet controller takes the position of items in array as input, with new override option you can replace this value by another controller’s output.
  • Surface controller has got many new features. (more details will come soon)
  • Curve controller has got new function in scalar mode. you can test if a curve is concave or convex at given position.
  • Bitmap controller support vertex color as input.
  • Link controller support time delay for external links.
  • Pattern controller generates list (multiple output)
  • List controller support Min / Max and Total for two dimensional lists.

Bugs fixed:

  • Control assignment has been improved. Interface allows to assign controllers to multiple selected properties in one move.
  • Problem with Interpolate controller has been resolved.
  • Random controller is now compatible with Max 2009
  • Error in opening C.O.P (Controller Output Preview) roll-out has been fixed (When controller was in world coordinate system the preview panel encounter to error).
  • Problem in selecting math/mix controllers width different number of variables fixed.
  • Using list controller as sub-controller is now allowed.
  • Mesh controller return the indexes of sub-objects (vertices/edges/faces) in proper order (clockwise).
  • In Array Variable controller you could use the seconds/ticks and normalized time only in animated array, now these options are available in normal mode.
  • Multiple use of a single component no longer causes error in Math controller.
  • Problem in assigning controllers to control points of FFD(Box) modifier is fixed.
  • Variable override controller works on surface controller

Deprecated features

Surface controller dose not support the position/normal/tangents and rotation amount in scalar mode. You may use a convert controller to derive the scalar part from the vector output.

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