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Using a curve as a magnet.

It’s been a while that someone asked me about using curve as magnets in parametric array, he also sent me a sample code that could return the closest point of the curve to an object. Well, unfortunately I forgot to reply him (or her) but here is a short video explaining how to the curve controller to return the closest point and incorporating the result inside the magnet controller which I’m posting it here.



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How to apply multiple magnet controllers in one array?

The following video is about using mix controller to combine the effects of two magnet points. It’s continuation of the previous video (manipulating Boolean objects) which you can find here.

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Compound objects and Parametric Array

I just came back from a parametric design workshop at school of design Mainz in Germany. Together with Prof. klaus Teltenkoetter and his Masterstudents “Kommunikation im Raum” we had an intense workshop which took 4 days and the last two days were more about parametric array. I’m going to post some parts in my blog.

In this video we practiced manipulating Boolean objects using a magnet controller. The fact that you can modify the Boolean operands is quite impressive!

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