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News May 2009
MathSurf v2.0 for 3ds Max

Implicit Surface


In December 2008 I released the first edition of Mathsurf. It was an attempt to use abilities of max-script to discover mathematical geometries from the aesthetic aspect. Now after six months I received a good amount of feedback from users which could help me to develop the plug-in and improve the performance. The new version has been revised to be faster and covers broad range of mathematical forms such as curves and implicit surfaces. Now you will get a package consisting three extra tools to deal with curves and other type of surfaces.


Bugs fixed:

Explicit Surface

Previous version was a bit slow, there are few items that has fixed in new version to improve the performance:

Mesh had being generated several times when you choose a surface type from drop down menu or after editing explicit presentation. This fact delays the process and force user to wait until viewport redraws. In new version this bug has been fixed and the script runs the process only once.

Mathsurf 2.0 makes permanent objects. You can save and load scenes include Mathsuf objects and program will generate objects automatically after a Mathsurf object has been detected.

Mathsurf 2.0 gives you opportunity to save explicit presentation in text format as an external file. This file could be loaded in different objects.

Algorithm has been improved to run faster. Some of the max operations will stop during the Mathsurf mesh progress.

In Mathsurf 2.0 data structure has been changed to conserve the memory and speed up the progress.

Mathsurf 2.0 increases the memory using by max-script to avoid halting program.

What's new in Mathsurf 2.0 ?

Mathsurf 2.0 includes extra tools such as Mathdeform, MathCurve and Implicit Surfaces. New plug-in brings you three more specific tools in one package. Most parameters in this package plays same roll. Explanation of each plug-in has mentioned in documentation.


Implicit Surface

The new version is free and open source. Iíll try to keep future versions and updates free. For commercial use you can contact me on my website to order high performance in dll format. Next version will discover 3d fractals and L-systems. You are welcome to participate on Mathsurf 3.0. for more information and questions donít hesitate to contact me.

Download here.

Implicit Surface
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